Who We Are

Established in 1994 Musab School System is striving to make a difference in the field of education.

Facilitating the achievement of academic excellence together with a morally and ethically balanced personality for all our students is the prime aim of all our endeavors. With a commitment to the holistic development of each student. Providing education is not just information but also formation.

Our core values:  

  1. We shall respect all human beings, will not hurt anyone with our words and actions.
  2. We shall be truthful and honest in our dealing and uphold Justice in all conditions.
  3. We shall try to keep ourselves and the school environment clean.
  4. We shall try our utmost to use the natural resources in the best possible way.
  5. We shall work in collaboration and cooperate with one another. 


What we do:

In Musab School System we are trying that the students are not only educated academically but are also trained for life challenges. We strive hard to make our students into the following personalities as they grow up and move towards the stage of maturity.

We encourage our students to be;

  1. Confident in working with information and ideas.
  2. Inquirer regarding new ideas, information to learn independently. We promote curiosity and a yearning to find out something new.
  3. Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others.  
  4. Open-minded in order to critically appreciate our own values, history, and culture in comparison with the values and traditions of others.
  5. Compassionate with their fellows and the community and show empathy and respect for all.
  6. Reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn.
  7. Principled so they act with integrity and fairness in their matters. 


Musab School is working on the philosophical stance of holistic education of each student as preparation for the practical life in the modern world as well as moral and ethical awareness and development to achieve peace, harmony, and success in the world.

Education in our view is a process involving a combination of the following processes:

Transmission of the accumulated knowledge and universal values not through rote learning and passive acceptance but through addressing the intellect of individuals

Acquisition of further knowledge through interaction with the environment, constantly trying to improve it through exploring, problem-solving and critical thinking.


To develop individuals who can meet the academic, moral,

And the cultural challenges of the modern world.


To establish institutions that will produce students who achieve the highest

Possible academic standards, and are excellent human beings.