Student Counseling

At junior level, a counseling committee comprising of Vice Principal, Co-ordinator O/A Level and two senior teachers has been established. They assist students in case of any family problem resulting in aggressive behavior at school. The practice of listening to the students’ problems individually brings them closer to the teachers and creates cordial relationship. The purpose is to create individuals who are morally and ethically strong enough to play a positive role in the development of society. We believe that ignoring such sensitive students can worsen their problems so we love to own them.

Career Counselling:

The teachers of Musab School take special interest in guiding their students in the accurate choice of subjects for appropriate future careers. One of our respected teacher Sir Shahid Farooq has a leading role in this regard because of having versatile teaching experience of recognized institutes.

Other than that counselors from outside like SCANS and United States Education in Pakistan is my country (USEFP) also visit Musab School and provide guidance and counseling. Even senior students who are completing their education from LUMS, NUST and UCP also love to visit Musab for the same purpose.