Musab Public Welfare Society

The main purpose of MPWS is to provide quality education to deserving students and to the children of people who can not afford quality education but these children have an urge to learn and to become good citizens. Similarly, the focus of society is to provide facilities of quality education to female students. The charity works for the development of science laboratories, computer laboratories, and a library of books for these students. The Society is also working for the training of teachers and organize different workshops and training for the teachers. It also helps needy students to purchase uniforms and books. The Society has a plan to open a new girls campus of Musab School as the number of students increasing. Society is also working to provide ethical training to the teachers and students.
Recreation and Excursion Programs
The extracurricular activities are given due importance in Musab School System considering their importance in the effective education of the children. For this purpose, trips to different historical places were organized in the educational session 2019-20. The students of A and O level went to Murree for a three-day trip. The middle-class students had one day trip to Changa Manga, Rana Resort, and Islamabad. The primary classes were taken to historical places of Lahore for one day trip. The students enjoyed the event and had all the fun. They also collected valuable information about the places.
Interschool Sports Competitions
The students of Musab School System are provided coaching in different games and sports events. The students take part in interschool competitions regularly and represent their school with pride. In the session 2019-20, Musabees took part in different games such as football, cricket, table tennis, and ‘Dodge the Ball’. The girls are also provided with opportunities to travel to other schools for games. In National Grammar School, the Musab Football team reached the final and ended as runner-up. Two teams of Musab took part in the Table Tennis Tournament and both teams reached the final to compete with each other to clinch the title. In an intra-school competition, students participated in Hockey matches held in Hockey Stadium Johar Town, Lahore. The students enjoyed and learned the importance of positive competition in games and sportsman spirit.

Teacher Training Programs
The school allows the teachers to attend teacher training workshops held in different institutes across Pakistan. This step is considered essential for the composure and polishing of the skills of our young and new teachers. This year, 18 teachers of Musab School System were sent to participate in the SPELT (Society for Pakistan English Language Teachers) workshops at Ali Institute of Education, Ferozepur Road Lahore. The teachers were eager to take part in presentations and workshops on their subject related topics. Each of the teachers came up with different ideas and skills and shared them with his fellows. The teachers are also motivated to share their learning skills with the teachers who have not attended the event. The participants of the event were given certificates for their participation.

In House Training
Seeing the importance of training sessions, the school makes sure that not only the away training are important; the teachers also need the training inside the school on weekly basis. For this purpose, daily and weekly training sessions are organized in the school in which the Principal and Head of different subjects give presentations to the relevant teachers. The Principal has organized training sessions for the whole teaching staff of Musab School System on the topic, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. The school also invites scholars from other institutions to share their skills and expertise with our teachers. Mr. Suhail Ejaz, a scholar in the field of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. He did three workshops with the teachers in this regard and the teachers benefited themselves from the useful information and skills.
Future planning
In the future, we are planning to maximize the opportunities for the education seekers by developing the Musab into a larger educational network by establishing other campuses for girls, a senior wing, and middle classes. We also intend to have more training sessions and meetings for our faculty members to take the school to the height of success and glory.

MPWS is trying to provide quality education to the low and middle strata of society. The aim of the MPWS is to “Establish institutions that will produce students who achieve the highest possible academic standards, and are excellent human beings”. In education teachers have prime importance therefore MPWS is focusing on teachers’ training programs and teachers’ development programs. At the platform of MPWS, we are trying to introduce new ways to encourage the masses to acquire education and to bring a positive change in society.