Junior School

Mus'ab Junior School comprises of classes II to V and at present is a co-education system.

Admission Requirements: 

Students seeking admission must clear the written test in English, Urdu and Mathematics for the class in which admission is required. The test is followed by an interview with the Vice- Principal/Coordinator.

The Average age for Admission is Junior

    Class II  7 years  
    Class III 8 years  
    Class IV 9 years  
  10 years  
    Junior School Timings:    
    Monday to Thursday:      08:00am to 02:00pm  
    Friday 08:00am to 12:20pm  

The Junior School curriculum has been designed to prepare the students for O' level and A' level standard.



Subjects Offered: 

English, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiat, Science and Social Studies, Quran, Art and Craft, Computer

Assessment and Evaluation 

The academic year is divided in terms. A combination of formative and summative procedures is used to assess the progress and achievement of students. Regularly scheduled class tests, quizzes and assignments followed by end of term examination provide a system of thorough academic monitoring.

To reduce the stress and burden on students, syllabus covered in the 1st term is not included in the 2nd term.

Promotion to the next class is based on the consolidated result of the two terms which also includes class performance and behavior report for the whole year.