At the senior Campus, we have a team of around 71 faculty members out of which 51 are permanent and 20 are visiting teachers. All the teachers are highly qualified subject specialists and are highly dedicated and committed as they spend their maximum time and energy for the improvement of students.

Ms. Uzma Javed(English Teacher):

Master in English literature with B.ed.

20 years of teaching experience of the O&A level.

Ms. Uzma Javed has done her master’s degree in English and she has been teaching this subject for over 20 years. Her experience of teaching English and her command of the subject is quite astonishing. Nonetheless, she is an important part of Musab's faculty.

 Mr. Burhan Ahmed(Biology Teacher):


M.Sc Botany. Punjab University. Roll of honor

 23 years’ experience



Mr. Burhan Ahmed is therefore teaching biology at Musab and he has left no stone unturned in order to provide the students with the best. His efforts, hard work, and determination are the key features of his personality. He has always been cooperative and friendly towards his students. Musab is fond of such gems of its faculty.

Mr. Hassan Zulfiqar Haider(Computer Teacher):


Master in computer science

the cornerstone school. 10 years of teaching experience of O&A   level


Mr. Hassan Zulfiqar Haider has prolifically taught computer in Musab. His enthusiasm towards computer science has made many students choose computer as an elective course. He has nonetheless a determined, challenging, and innovative personality. Musab is grateful towards his contribution to the field of teaching.

  Mr. Javed Iqbal(Physics teacher):


MSC physics (Electronics)

22years teaching experience

12 years of O&A level teaching experience


Another keen and enthusiastic personality of Musab School System's A-Level faculty is Mr. Javed Iqbal. With the prolific attitude and command of physics, he has helped to secure the futures of many. His 22 years long experience is reflected by his style of teaching and by the influence on students. Musab School System will always be thankful to such devoted teachers and staff members.

Ms. Ghazala Samie(Urdu Teacher):


Master in Urdu and education

Experience. 25 years

Results 90% A* - A, Distinction in A level


Meet another precious personality of the A Level faculty, Ms. Ghazala Samie. She has been teaching Urdu for over 20 years and this remarkable experience of her has gained a lot of respect yet also laid ground for the authority of the subject. Her attitude towards the teaching methodologies, students, and other fellows has made this success possible. Musab School System will always be under debt of such cooperative, hardworking and loyal teachers.

Mr. Amjad Shahbaz(Mathematics):


M.Phil. Mathematics

32 years of teaching experience

18 years of O&A level teaching experience. 


Mr. Amjad Shahbaz is a brilliant mentor, he has thirty years of marvelous work experience. It is indeed a source of pride for the Musab School System. His remarkable personality created a great enthusiasm and learning environment around his students as well as his colleagues.