Admission Procedure

1. Inquiry about School 

Parents visit schools and collect information about the institute. They are informed about our mission, vision, core values, and teaching methods. They also look into matters like curriculum, extracurricular activities, fee structure, behavioral modification process, etc. If they are convinced of the facilities and efforts put in by the school for quality education, they are welcomed to start official proceedings for the admission of their child. The core values of the school are as follows:

  1. We shall respect all human beings, will not hurt anyone with our words and actions.
  2. We shall be truthful and honest in our dealing and uphold Justice.
  3. We shall try to keep ourselves and the school environment clean.
  4. We shall try our utmost to use natural resources in the best possible way.
  5. We shall work in collaboration and cooperate with one another.


     2. Collection of Registration Form  

Completely satisfied with the inquiry about the school and agreeing with the core values, parents pick up school prospectus with registration forms from the admission office.


    3.  Registration Form Submission 

The following documents must be attached with the filled registration form and submitted to the admission office within two days for the completion of admission. 

  • Two passport size photos of the Child
  • Copy of the child’s Birth Certificate 
  • Copy of CNIC of both Parents 
  • Copy of School leaving certificate (previously attended) 
  • Copy of academic reports (of previous classes studied in another school) 
  • A copy of the Health Certificate (if required)

 The submission of the above documents is compulsory for the finalization of the admission test date.


   4.  Admission Test 

The test is designed to evaluate the academic capabilities and social and emotional behavior of the child.


  5. Interview with Vice Principal / Coordinator 

After the admission test, the child will be interviewed by the vice-principal or coordinator. The purpose of this interview is to judge the child’s speaking proficiency and confidence.

  6.  Finalization of Admission 

The results of the admission test and the report of the interview will determine the final decision about the admission of the child. The child must get 50% marks in the written test and interview to secure admission.


  7.  Fee Deposit 

If the admission is granted, the parents will have to pay the admission fee, security fee, and one-month tuition fee. The monthly tuition fee is collected on a monthly basis. The fee for summer vacation months i.e. June, July, and August is received in months of March, April, and May respectively.


  8.  Withdrawal 

If the parents decide to withdraw their child from the school, they must inform the administration through written notice one month before the withdrawal. In case the notice is not submitted, a fee of one month will be charged.